GamesBeat’s Favorite Skyrim Mods #6: Midas Magic & Midas Magic Evolved

Skyrim: Midas Magic

With the impending release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — Legendary Edition, which bundles all three downloadable content packs along with the original core game, GamesBeat thought this might be a good time to highlight some of our favorite PC mods.

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Skyrim: Midas Magic

Midas Magic by xilverbulet and Midas Magic Evolved by DaRealSlenderMan combined add over 130 new spells to Skyrim. They have plenty of devastating elemental spells, such as Mass Lightning Storm, Molten Spray, and Call Meteor Rain, but it’s the weird and unusual that really makes the Midas collection worth owning. Want to freeze time or summon an unlimited number of conjured followers? Done. Been running through the forest for several hours with no end in sight? Why not summon a player house and take a little nap?

If you’ve used these mods or plan to download them, let us know which spell’s your favorite in the comments!

Skyrim: Midas Magic

Make sure to check the mod page for installation directions, known issues and compatibility conflicts, and so on.