EA appoints New York Times digital-product expert to its board

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Electronic Arts’ board of directors is getting some extra expertise in digital distribution.

The publisher revealed today that it appointed Denise Warren, the New York Times executive vice president of digital products, to its board. Warren managed for the national newspaper company and oversaw development of its digital products.

Denise Warren

“EA is transforming its business by extending the consumer relationship with digitally delivered high-quality products and services,” said Warren. “I’m impressed with the management of the company and look forward to helping them extend their products to a broader audience on new platforms including mobile and tablets.”

The company also announced that that director Gregory Maffei is resigning his position on the board due to his commitments with TV entertainment distributor Liberty Media.

“Denise Warren brings an enormous amount of digital media experience to EA’s board of directors,” said EA executive chairman Larry Probst. “We look forward to the leadership and perspective that she will provide to our company. I would also like to thank Greg Maffei for his many years of dedicated service to our Board. His guidance, involvement and expertise have been invaluable.”