Ubisoft bringing Rayman Legends to PlayStation Vita with bonus content

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Ubisoft Wii U eShop

Publisher Ubisoft is expanding the player base for Rayman Legends once again. The one-time Nintendo Wii U exclusive is now headed to a portable device as well.

Ubisoft confirmed it will release Rayman Legends on PlayStation Vita alongside the Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 versions on Sept. 3. The company also revealed the portable installment will come packed with five exclusive levels built for the Sony device’s rear touch panel.

The Vita version will also come with a pair of exclusive character costumes. That includes a Rayman outfit based on Prince of Persia and some Sam Fisher equipment for Rayman’s sidekick, Globox.

In February, Ubisoft pulled the rug out from underneath Wii U fans who were expecting to get Rayman Legends exclusively in March. The publisher delayed that release specifically so it could simultaneously publish it on all major home consoles.

The developers at Ubisoft finished making the Wii U game in January, but the delay gave them time to go back in to add 30 additional levels.