World of Tanks hits 60 million registered players

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world of tanks china

In our modern world of insurgencies and online terror, tank combat is kinda quaint. These giant lumbering fighting vehicles aren’t really gonna help anyone when the Estonian cyber-military begins invading Facebook. That doesn’t mean the tanks have lost their appeal — quite the opposite, if Wargaming’s World of Tanks is any indication.

Wargaming just revealed that its online multiplayer tank shooter just crossed the 60-million registered-players mark. The free-to-play game continues to attract new players around the world thanks in part to the developer’s constant efforts to promote it. World of Tanks is also popular in countries with growing free-to-play markets, namely Russia, China, and many European countries.

Of course, 60 million registered players doesn’t mean 60 million active players. We’ve reached out to Wargaming to determine its monthly active users.

To celebrate the milestone, as well as the fast-approaching Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show, Wargaming released the following CGI trailer:

In addition to World of Tanks, Wargaming also runs similar military-themed battle titles. World of Warplanes is an aerial-combat action game while World of Warships takes to the high seas. Both are still in development, though World of Warplanes is in a closed beta test.