Ubisoft E3 press briefing liveblog (livestream)

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Ubisoft is holding its Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) today at 3 p.m. Pacific, and we’re onsite to liveblog the event. The French video game publisher is showing off demos and details of previously announced games, including Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag [pictured].

Other games that Ubisoft has at its briefing include  Rayman Legends, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and Watch Dogs.

But you can bet there will be some surprises. Tune in on this doc later for the liveblog and the livestream.

You can watch the press conference here:

Watch live video from axles on

Shoe June 10, 20134:18 pm

OK, that does it for this liveblog. Thanks for reading! We’ll be back shortly with a livestream and liveblog of the Sony press conference.

Shoe June 10, 20134:17 pm

The Division may be this year’s Watch_Dogs for Ubisoft. Very stylish with a lot of tech-y overlays for the user interface.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20134:16 pm

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20134:16 pm

They just popped a big bunch of paper money on the audience.

Shoe June 10, 20134:16 pm

Ubisoft just scared everyone with an explosion of confetti after that demo.

Shoe June 10, 20134:15 pm

Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

Shoe June 10, 20134:15 pm

Game is called: Tom Clancy’s The Division. Described as an open-world RPG.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20134:15 pm

It’s called Tom Clancy’s The Division!

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20134:14 pm

Niklas Cederstrom, the creative director at Ubisoft Massive, is playing the game with a PS 4 controller in his hands. The box itself is hiidden from view.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20134:14 pm

Shoe June 10, 20134:14 pm

You grab a water bottle, so survival is a gameplay element here, not just shooting. The agents rescue some police officers who were imprisoned in their own holding cells at a police station. Unclear who the enemies are.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20134:13 pm

Wow, the action in this new intellectual property is awesome. It’s a few days after a calamity hits the U.S., and these guys are in a big firefight with looters etc.

Shoe June 10, 20134:13 pm

As the cars get shot up, realistic bullet holes and windows shattering. Hi-tech grenades roll to targets, drones point out enemies behind cover…

Jason Wilson June 10, 20134:12 pm

Jason Wilson June 10, 20134:12 pm

Shoe June 10, 20134:12 pm

Yet more cover-based shooting like we tend to see too much of at E3, but the graphics and setting look great.

Shoe June 10, 20134:12 pm

Third-person action/shooter game.

Shoe June 10, 20134:11 pm

Dean noticed we’re seeing the demo on PS4. Cederstrom has a PS4 controller in his hand, playing this game for us.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20134:11 pm

Shoe June 10, 20134:10 pm

No society, the agents are roaming the streets.

Shoe June 10, 20134:10 pm

Another trailer, this one opens up with everything in shambles in NYC. Trash on fire escapes, in streets, wild animals roaming…

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20134:08 pm

And it is playable.

Shoe June 10, 20134:08 pm

The game has you playing elite agents who become active to deal with this problem.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20134:08 pm

Niklas Cederstrom, creative director at Massive. is introducing a big new IP from Ubisoft Massive. It’s about the last hope when all else fails in response to biological terrorism.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20134:08 pm

Shoe June 10, 20134:07 pm

What will it take to save what remains?

Nicklas Cederstrom, creative director of Massive, is now onstage.

Shoe June 10, 20134:07 pm

Directive 51: The U.S. government’s secret plan to deal with Dark Winter and this breakdown.

Shoe June 10, 20134:06 pm

Predicting pandemics, world collapse, power failures — end-of-world armageddon stuff.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20134:06 pm

Shoe June 10, 20134:06 pm

The video is going on about how complex the world has become, leaving it a “house of cards” where it easily crumbles. Now talking about Black Friday and showing how dependent society is on money.

Shoe June 10, 20134:05 pm

CG trailer showing a “Dark Winter” where society has broken down.

Shoe June 10, 20134:04 pm

Ubisoft about to introduce a new game from Massive Entertainment.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20134:04 pm

Ha! Like you can find poutine in L.A. that’s any good.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20134:04 pm

Open world, online RPG. From Massive Entertainment.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20134:04 pm

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20134:03 pm

Trials Fusion, Trials Frontier is brand new, on both consoles and mobile

Jason Wilson June 10, 20134:03 pm

Shoe June 10, 20134:03 pm

The two versions will connect and complement each other.

Shoe June 10, 20134:02 pm

Trials Fusion for consoles, PC and Trials Frontier for mobile.

Shoe June 10, 20134:02 pm

It’s Trials Frontier

Shoe June 10, 20134:01 pm

e see a city above the clouds…a moto-X biker bursting through the clouds and almost losing his bike.

Shoe June 10, 20134:01 pm

Now looking at a new sci-fi game

Shoe June 10, 20134:00 pm

Tropical islands, waterfalls, missionary towns — game looks pretty beautiful (from in-game footage).

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20134:00 pm

AC4 has a good song. Who sings it?

Shoe June 10, 20133:59 pm

Now he’s on another ship.

Shoe June 10, 20133:58 pm

Black Flag wants to let you live the pirate lifestyle, raiding, pillaging, ship battles, treasure-hunting, exploration.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:57 pm

Two years of development on this game. Ubisoft Singapore did a lot of the ship combat.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:56 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:56 pm

His boat is named the “Delica” — is that important? The trailer zoomed in on it at the very end.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:56 pm

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:55 pm

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:55 pm

Lots of slicing and dicing.

Shoe June 10, 20133:55 pm

Edward Kenway, Connor’s grandfather, escapes a big bar fight via pirate boat, but the authorities catch up, and now there’s a skirmish on the decks.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:54 pm

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:54 pm

A sea chase after a nasty bar brawl. That’s Edward Kenway, the new hero.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:54 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:52 pm

AC4 CG trailer playing.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:52 pm

Here comes Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

Shoe June 10, 20133:52 pm

Next up: Assassin’s Creed. We have several AC4 stories in the queue, so please come back to GamesBeat all week long to check ‘em out.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:52 pm

THIS parent sure as hell won’t get this if it involves kids yelling back at yelling Rabbids.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:52 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:51 pm

Next scene: Rabbid is screaming, and the kids have to scream to keep up. I bet parents can’t wait for this!

Shoe June 10, 20133:51 pm

During this scene, you can point at the screen and shoot eggs at the target.
The show keeps playing, but now the participants have a score.

Shoe June 10, 20133:50 pm

This will use the Xbox One’s Kinect 2.

Shoe June 10, 20133:49 pm

Giving us a sneak peek of the first episode.

Shoe June 10, 20133:49 pm

Now you can be a part of the story and action on this TV show.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:49 pm

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:48 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:48 pm

Adrian Lacey, IP Business Dev Director of Ubisoft French Studios will explain.

Shoe June 10, 20133:47 pm

We’re waiting to see what that means.

Shoe June 10, 20133:47 pm

Rabbids Invasion is a TV show that you can play.

Shoe June 10, 20133:46 pm

Tyler just told us Just Dance originated in a Raving Rabbids game. Transition to: Rabbids Invasion, the TV show on Nickelodeon coming soon.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:46 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:45 pm

You can select the next song early, alter the current song with your hand motions, the Wii U tablet holder can be a DJ of sorts…. OK, can we move on?

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:45 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:45 pm

Dancing stuff. Whee.

Shoe June 10, 20133:45 pm

“That game was pretty hardcore. This next one is the complete opposite.” – Tyler introducing Just Dance 2014.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:43 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:42 pm

I understand he’s a great hacker — but he’s a little Matrix Neo here, too. The action choreography is certainly slick but doesn’t seem to fit the main protagonist.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:42 pm

You can view this trailer here as well, in case you want to see it again or missed something:

Shoe June 10, 20133:41 pm

This is the same trailer we saw at the Microsoft conference earlier today. Our vigilante follows a human trafficker into a private club…and he’s going to blow everyone away and get the bad guy arrested (and exposed to the world).

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:41 pm

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:40 pm

This is a new trailer

Shoe June 10, 20133:40 pm

With his phone, he has all the info on just about anyone he wants.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:40 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:40 pm

THe main character’s obsession with surveillance turns him into a vigilante.

Shoe June 10, 20133:39 pm

Dominic Guay, senior producer of Watch_Dogs, onstage to discuss his game.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:39 pm

Dominic Guay, senior producer of Watch Dogs.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:38 pm

She jokes about the NSA

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:38 pm

Watch Dogs next.

Shoe June 10, 20133:38 pm

For The Crew, you can customize your car separately from the game — on an iPad, for instance.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:38 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:37 pm

All four players worked together to take out a target Hummer. After the mission is over, they return to free-drive mode.

Shoe June 10, 20133:36 pm

Seems like you can drive anywhere — streets, side streets, wilderness, off-road…. Can’t tell how much of each city they have rendered. Right now, the Miami crew is causing havoc on the beaches.

Shoe June 10, 20133:34 pm

Looks like the other players just “teleport” to join the session in Miami. But this may be as big an open-world game as we’ve seen.

Shoe June 10, 20133:34 pm

You can strip the car down to axles, engine block, etc. and build it back up, part by part. No thanks. That’s way too much work.

Shoe June 10, 20133:33 pm

Player 4 in Miami is sending invites to the other three to join him in Florida. All single-player to multiplayer is seamless.

Shoe June 10, 20133:32 pm

He can see Las Vegas in the distance and can actually drive to it and onto the Strip.

Shoe June 10, 20133:32 pm

Player 3: Racing in Death Valley, Nevada.

Shoe June 10, 20133:31 pm

Now we’re looking at a 4X4 truck racing off-road through a forest .

Shoe June 10, 20133:31 pm

Not clear right now if, when going from NY to Miami, you’d drive that in real-time. Hopefully they answer that.

Shoe June 10, 20133:30 pm

Current demo:Four different crews in different parts of the U.S. and will converge in Miami. First up: Racing in Brooklyn, NY, across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Rus McLaughlin June 10, 20133:30 pm

That’s something you can do in AutoClub Revolution and Drive Club, too.

Shoe June 10, 20133:30 pm

You can play solo, but grouping up with friends is the big idea. When you see other crews, they might be A.I. or other players.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:29 pm

The Crew has a nice social element where you can team up with friends in a crew.

Shoe June 10, 20133:29 pm

Total freedom, customizable a car, very open world.

Shoe June 10, 20133:28 pm

You can race on city streets, off-road through desert, forests, etc. All across the U.S.

Shoe June 10, 20133:27 pm

Players join up in teams of four and can play against (or with?) other crews across the country. Might be real-time in real-world locations.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:27 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:27 pm

Looks like it’s an MMO.

Shoe June 10, 20133:26 pm

Cops chasing muscle cars across the country. Now they’re showing up in Vegas. See a Lambo in the crew, too.

Shoe June 10, 20133:25 pm

The Crew: Cars racing on the streets. Very Need for Speed. First set took place on busy streets of Times Square, which is NO place for horseplay like that.

Shoe June 10, 20133:25 pm

Boy, this trailer is LOUD.

Shoe June 10, 20133:24 pm

Now showing: The Crew
Scene opens up in a garage with car parts. They’re magically coming together to make a muscle car.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:24 pm

Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft. “At Ubisoft, we love new consoles.” New game at Ivory Tower and Reflection. It will “revolutionize the genre.” It is called The Crew.

Shoe June 10, 20133:23 pm

Yves Guillemot, co-founder, CEO of Ubisoft is on the stage. His head barely comes up to Aisha’s chin, but to be fair, she’s wearing monster heels.

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:23 pm

Nagasaki Farts: one that is so bad that it makes them go ewwww and wave their fingers in front of their news.

Shoe June 10, 20133:22 pm

Now it’s next-gen time for Ubisoft. All next-gen stuff coming up.

Shoe June 10, 20133:22 pm

Coming out some holiday season. “Or some holiday season. You know how video games are.” – Cartman.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:22 pm This is the correct link for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

Shoe June 10, 20133:21 pm

South Park: The Stick of Truth. “Literally no subject they won’t laugh at.” – Tyler

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:21 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:20 pm

Showing a CG trailer for Loot. Was a little cheesy, Shrek-style humor. Then out comes the censored swearing. OK, that’s better!

Shoe June 10, 20133:19 pm

LPPYeahYouKnowMe: The creator is offering a public challenge for everyone to take his loot. That’s his username. Game is in open beta now. URL:

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:18 pm

The Epic Quest for Mighty Loot.

Shoe June 10, 20133:18 pm

The overhead action is Diablo-esque. If you conquer a friend’s castle, you can let them know you’ve grabbed his loot.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:17 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:17 pm

The Might Quest for Epic Loot — free to play game about stealing from your neighbors and protecting your loot. You build up a castle with obstacles and traps.

Shoe June 10, 20133:16 pm

120 levels and “musical maps” — the main art shows the Rayman group rocking out on electric guitars, too. Some new music mode in the game.

Shoe June 10, 20133:15 pm

Daily challenges with leaderboards.

Shoe June 10, 20133:15 pm

Four-player co-op or competitive modes.

Rus McLaughlin June 10, 20133:15 pm

I keep waiting for Aisha Tyler to go off script. I feel her wanting to bust out everything wrong and inappropriate in the world and put it onstage.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:15 pm

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:15 pm

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:14 pm

Our most recent Rayman Legends coverage, which talks about the new components seen here:

Shoe June 10, 20133:14 pm

Rayman Legends: September 3 release.

Rus McLaughlin June 10, 20133:14 pm

Big frog just licked Rayman. I feel conflicted about this.

Shoe June 10, 20133:14 pm

Our main heroine is jumping through different picture frames to reach different worlds. Now she’s taking on the toad people to rescue Rayman. Mission accomplished, the two join the others in an underwater level. This is all CG, by the way.

Shoe June 10, 20133:13 pm

Rayman Legends now playing.

Shoe June 10, 20133:12 pm

“Cute little booger” – Tyler on Rayman.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:12 pm

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:12 pm

Our previous Spies vs. Mercs coverage:

Rus McLaughlin June 10, 20133:11 pm

The new voice of Sam Fisher is actor Eric Johnson…he was Flash Gordon in Syfy’s embarrassing 2008 Flash Gordon series.

Shoe June 10, 20133:11 pm

And Spies vs. Mercs, which we wrote about as well.

Shoe June 10, 20133:11 pm

Missions span several locations around the world. Showing a little co-op now.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:10 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:10 pm

Sam being welcomed to Fourth Echelon. He’s on a military transport plane — looks like a mobile NORAD. Let’s him plan missions on-the-go, from high altitude. This will be like your mission hub.

Shoe June 10, 20133:09 pm

Michael Ironside, btw, is no longer the voice of Sam Fisher.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:09 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:09 pm

Blacklist now onscreen.

Rus McLaughlin June 10, 20133:09 pm

So, @aishatyler is wearing a #girlwood shirt. Awesome. That was my favorite quote from her hosting Ubi last year.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:09 pm

Shoe June 10, 20133:08 pm

“Splinter Cell Blacklist the biggest Splinter Cell ever” – says Tyler. I don’t know if she actually knows that or not, though.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:08 pm

Jason Wilson June 10, 20133:07 pm

Dean Takahashi June 10, 20133:06 pm

Aisha Taylor is back, yakking it up with Jerry Cantrell, who made for the loudest E3 press conference start ever.

Shoe June 10, 20133:06 pm

Aisha Tyler is the MC of Ubisoft’s briefing. She’s rocking a t-shirt with a #girlwood hashtag. I think she first used that term in last year’s briefing.

Shoe June 10, 20133:05 pm

Rocksmith: 2014 Edition
Session mode lets you pick virtual bandmates to join you in, well, a session.

Shoe June 10, 20133:03 pm

Now he’s playing an actual video game. He’s changing instruments for the other non-existent members of his band.

Shoe June 10, 20133:01 pm

Not a game — just a real guitar.

Shoe June 10, 20133:01 pm

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains is on stage. He’ll be playing the guitar for us.

Shoe June 10, 20132:59 pm

Ubisoft is setting up now. Should be starting soon. Looks like they’ll be starting off with something Rocksmith. See a guitar on stage.

Jason Wilson June 10, 20132:57 pm

I supposed it’s too much for me to hope for an hour dedicated to Might & Magic news?

Shoe June 10, 20132:53 pm

Testing! If this is working, I’ll be doing the Live Blogging.

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