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During today’s special Electronic Entertainment Expo edition of its Nintendo Direct webcast, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iawata revealed some gameplay details of Platinum Games’ Wonderful 101.

Nintendo has announced a North American released date of Sept. 15, 2013. European gamers will get it a little sooner on Aug. 23.

Players control a small army of heroes, hence the name Wonderful 101. Nintendo did show off some gameplay, which included the crowding and attacking of some huge creatures.

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“The heroes use an ability called Unite Morph, which let’s them transform into giant weapons,” said Iwata. Players draw a symbol on the Wii U Game Pad. This commands the heroes to merge and transform into a weapon, “a bigger symbol on the screen means more heroes will unite, and the Unite Morph will be more powerful.”

“Players can acquire and use additional Unite Morph powers as they play,” said Iwata.

The game also has a mode for up to five players.