Fez II announced out of nowhere

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Fez II

Thought the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was fresh out of announcements? Wrong! Well, kind of.

Phil Fish, the indie developer responsible for last year’s dimension-shifting Fez, sneakily announced a sequel on Twitter¬†shortly after revealing the new project at Horizon, an alternative E3 press conference held today that focused on non-standard fare (so probably no military shooters).

Fish linked to a short teaser trailer, which you can watch below. The video doesn’t reveal much more than a logo, but this is still welcomed news for fans of creative platformers.

Players and critics praised the original Fez (we gave the game an 83-out-of-100). The indie 2D sidescroller won people over with its charming, retro graphics and inventive gameplay, which allows players to shift the world’s perspective by moving the camera.