GamesBeat’s E3 2013 Game of the Show … plus staff picks

The winner: Titanfall
Runners-up: The Division, Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs nearly won GamesBeat’s Game of the Show for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) for a second year in a row, but it may have split votes with another shooter from the same publisher, The Division. That left the door open for EA’s Titanfall (another shooter — sorry, that seems to be the dominant genre yet again at E3). It’s GamesBeat’s official E3 2013 Game of the Show.

Traditional mech-based shooters — think MechWarrior — are slow, lumbering affairs. But developer Respawn Entertainment infused these giant killer robots with modern speed. On-foot soldiers are nimble, too, with jetpacks that provide a quick boost to reach higher ground. The result is a very fast-paced first-person shooter with the zippiness of Call of Duty and all the good parts of Halo, Tribes, Hawken … well, you name it.

Since the GamesBeat staff split up and saw different things at the industry trade show, we wanted each writer to list their individual top threes to recognize more games that we’re excited about. Keep in mind, these are not finished products. Here are our favorites from what we saw.

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Dan “Shoe” Hsu, GamesBeat editor-in-chief

1. The Evil Within (multiplatform)
2. The Division (multiplatform)
3. Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One)

*Note: I won’t put in a vote for Splinter Cell: Blacklist (see my disclosure here), but I want to give it an honest honorable mention here for its Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer mode.

Dean Takahashi, GamesBeat lead news writer

1. Titanfall (multiplatform)
2. Watch Dogs (multiplatform)
3. Dying Light (multiplatform)

Jeff Grubb, GamesBeat news writer

1. Titanfall (multiplatform)
2. Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)
3. Pikmin 3 (Wii U)

Pikmin 3

Above: Pikmin 3 (Wii U)

Image Credit: Nintendo

Giancarlo Valdes, GamesBeat correspondent

1. Eve-VR (PC/Oculus Rift)
2. The Wonderful 101 (Wii U)
3. Fantasia (multiplatform)

Sebastian Haley, GamesBeat correspondent

1. The Division (multiplatform)
2. Warframe (multiplatform)
3. Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

Stefanie Fogel, GamesBeat correspondent

1. The Witcher 3 (multiplatform)
2. Transistor (multiplatform)
3. Contrast (multiplatform)


Above: Contrast (multiplatform)

Image Credit: Sony

Eduardo Moutinho, GamesBeat correspondent

1. Titanfall (multiplatform)
2. Watch Dogs (multiplatform)
3. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (multiplatform)

Jasmine Rea, GamesBeat correspondent

1. Beyond: Two Souls (PlayStation 3)
2. Contrast (multiplatform)
3. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (multiplatform)

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