Nintendo’s Reggie takes us on a tour of his Animal Crossing home

Dem bells

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has a pretty amazing house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS. The exec revealed his digs in a special video tour that Nintendo just posted to its YouTube page earlier today.

In the video, Fils-Aime shows off his well-equipped gym, his legendary sitar skills, and a simultaneously creepy and awe-inspiring bedspread. He also drops some of his catchphrases and a few pointers to help players make the most of their time in the life sim.

Check out the delightful tour-video below:

That’s a pretty sweet Animal Crossing home. Something like that would require quite a few bells. Well, that’s why Fils-Aime shared this knowledge:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf“You may be wondering how a busy guy like me has all the time to be earning bells,” said Fils-Aime. “Here are a couple of tips I learned. First, visit the tropical island late at night so you can catch all of those exotic beetles that can be sold at a huge price. Also, when you’re fishing, listen for the precise moment to reel in that big fish.”

Animal Crossing, for the unaware, is a life simulator and collection game where players can express themselves through interior design and clothing. It also has a strong social element that encourages players to visit their friends’ towns to buy and trade items and talk to animal neighbors.

The latest version, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, just hit the 3DS on June 9. It is available at retail and on the system’s eShop store. Read our full review here.

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