Reminder: Win games and prizes from our Community Appreciation Giveaway

Bob Barker

Above: Bob Barker wants you to win our prizes. Come on down!

Image Credit: Versus Battle
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First off, thanks to all of you who’ve been writing for GamesBeat Unfiltered. You’ve brought us some great content, and we love reading it and promoting the best to our front page.

Come Sunday (that’s June 30), we’re taking every community member who’s submitted at least two stories and entering them into a contest, giving you a chance to win some games and other prizes. So you’ve got five more days to be eligible for the contest.

So if you want a chance to win some of our stuff, head over to our “about” page and find out how to get registered and start writing. We love hearing your opinions on anything relating to the world of gaming.

Check out the full rules and stipulations for the contest here. Unfortunately, we can only send prizes for those inside the continental United States and Canada, but stay tuned if you’re an international writer. We’ll run plenty of other contests that won’t have such restrictions.

Thanks, everyone! Happy writing!