Mark of the Ninja developer working on turn-based espionage game: Incognita


Above: Developer Klei's next game.

Image Credit: Klei
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A lot of developers end up working on the same franchise or same kinds of games over and over.

That’s not a problem for developer Klei, which just revealed it is making a new turn-based tactical espionage game called Incognita.

This new game has players controlling an elite team of intelligence agents. Gamers must break into guarded locations to steal important information. That intel also figures into the gameplay.

“In the majority of turn-based games, positioning is your No. 1 priority,” Klei founder Jamie Cheng told IGN an interview. “From our standpoint, we wanted to make a game where information is one of the key things that you want.”

Incognita is heading to PC, Mac, and Linux as a beta in a few months.

Klei is quickly establishing a reputation as one of gaming’s most eclectic developers. The studio┬áis best known for its 2D stealth-action game Mark of the Ninja. The company also made the Shank beat-em-up series and, most recently, survival game Don’t Starve. While the company works primarily in 2D hand-drawn-style visuals, its games are very different in terms of gameplay and mechanics.