Capcom reboots Strider franchise for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Capcom's new Strider in action.

Above: Capcom's new Strider in action.

Image Credit: Capcom
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Capcom is bringing back Strider in a new side-scrolling adventure game similar to Super Metroid.

During the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, Capcom revealed the new game simply called Strider. It’s due out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and features next-gen visual effects. The graphics also imitates the scan-line look of early arcade games, which gives this new Strider, a game that first debuted in 1989, a retro feel.

Strider follows the adventures of a high-tech ninja named Hiryu. Players must guide him through a giant map that they slowly unlock while collecting new abilities. The game is due out in 2014.

Silent Hill: Homecoming developer Double Helix is producing the game for Capcom. The studio is also working on the Killer Instinct Xbox One fighting game for Microsoft. Check out the first look at the game in action:

Capcom also released Strider to the Sega Genesis in 1990. The game takes place in 2048 and follows the same Hiryu as he must assassinate a dictator called the “Grandmaster.”