DICE shows off the expanded Battlelog features for Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4 developer DICE is fully embracing the second-screen gaming experience.

The developer announced new features for its Battlelog service that provides detailed stats and more to Battlefield players. In the next game, due out on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on Oct. 29, players can use Battlelog to check their stats and make changes to their loadouts at any time using a mobile device. While in the game, players can use a tablet or phone as a live minimap during gameplay. The tablet will show player locations, and they can set attack points for their team at any point by tapping the map.

Players can also make real-time changes to their loadouts while in the middle of a match. Using Battlelog on the phone or tablet, gamers can update what guns or items they are using. As soon as they hit save, those changes will immediately appear in Battlefield 4.

Beyond the two-screen features, Battlelog is also adding custom missions for Battlefield 4 players to challenge their friends. Gamers can create a mission to see who can capture the most bases, for example, and then send it out to all of their friends.

Finally, Battlelog is introducing location-based leaderboards. Now, instead of just competing against everyone in the world, players can see how they rank against other people in their city, country, or continent.