Facebook is rolling out On This Day, a special page that shows you what your nearest and dearest were doing on this date exactly one year ago.

My gal pal Jennifer did her first 14-mile run (she’s training for a marathon now). Justin Kan was promoting Exec as a service to return your ex’s leftover crap. My now co-habitating friends were still in the lovey-dovey, posting-notes-on-each-other’s-walls phase of the relationship. And my husband and his two cofounders came out of the closet with their new company, Seesaw.

It’s a really sweet way to see what was going on in your life and your friends’ lives over time — how you’ve changed, how they’ve changed, who’s made improvements, and even who’s had sad changes.

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There’s also a sidebar where you can see what your friends did in this month over the years — who started a new job, who had a kid, who got a dog.

Here’s what it all looks like:

Nostalgia is a bit of a Facebook specialty. Since the site usually has roughly several years’ worth of moments stored up about you and your friends, it’s easy for the service to, say, show you a timeline of your friendship with a specific person or remind you what your buddy was doing a couple of years ago.

Some folks are also comparing the feature to Timehop, an app that lets you see all your updates, photos, etc., from a year ago.