The API-economy is coming and fast

In today’s world, having a strong API strategy isn’t just good software practice; it’s a powerful business practice.

Person Wrapped Up in Red Tape of Bureaucracy Rules of Order

‘This space reserved for general solicitation’

Did you know that in about three weeks, startups are going to be able to advertise that they are raising capital in newspapers, magazines, blogs, billboards, and even on Facebook and Twitter?


Apply now for the Vator Splash Startup Competition

Vator, one of the largest business networks dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors, is holding its popular Splash event on Oct. 2 in San Francisco. The event will feature a Startup competition which will give 10 promising startups an opportunity to present in front of an audience of some 400 attendees.

Sign indicating electric car charging station

100x more electric car fast-chargers by 2020?

By the end of 2013, the number of charging stations is expected to rise threefold to 5,900 and triple to 15,200 in 2014. With rapid growth, worldwide fast-charging stations could top 199,000 by the end of this decade.