Deep Down, one of the most anticipated games from the PlayStation 4 reveal, is online only.

Yesterday at a Capacom event in Japan, the publisher released a few new details about Deep Down (as first reported by Dual Shockers). The publisher revealed that Deep Down is an online-only dungeon crawler, and so far the company is only talking about the PlayStation 4.

Capcom also released a new teaser trailer:

The company plans to release more details at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, gaming’s biggest trade show in Asia, in September.

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Capcom first debuted Deep Down at the PlayStation 4 revealĀ in February. It features stunning visuals with extremely high-quality animations, but it was unclear at the time if the game will look that good in its final release.

The company didn’t show the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in June, and Deep Down isn’t expected out for the PS4 at launch.

We’ve reached out to Capcom to ask if it plans an Xbox One or PC release of Deep Down.