GamesBeat Giveaway: Dragon’s Crown for PlayStation 3 and Vita

Dragon's Crown

Above: The Sorceress from Dragon's Crown casts a spell.

Image Credit: Atlus USA
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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Dragon’s Crown, a new 2D brawler that’s causing a lot of controversy for its exaggerated female forms. But as you can learn from our review, it’s also a heck of a lot of fun. Want to get a chance to form your own opinion without all the hassle of, you know, buying things? Then try to win Dragon’s Crown from us!

We’ve got one copy each of the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions. Want one? Then follow the rules below:

  • Follow us on Twitter (@GamesBeat). Not only is it the best way to get instant updates on all of our game coverage, but it’s also important when we need to direct message you if you win.
  • Tweet the below message, changing the platform (PS3 or Vita) for whichever you want:

I want @GamesBeat to give me Dragon’s Crown for PS3: #gamesbeatgiveaway

  • We will contact the winners on Twitter after the contest ends Saturday (Aug. 3). We’ll then ask for your address so we can mail you your game.
  • Since we have to ship prizes, only readers in the continental U.S. are eligible. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Entering more than once a day will disqualify you.

Thanks, and good luck!