Treehouse, a learn-to-code startup that seemingly adds new coursework by the minute, is rolling out a fun new course that will teach you how to make a self-destructing messaging app all of your own.

The course will take you through building an iOS Snapchat clone using backend-as-a-service Parse — a great starting point for would-be iPhone developers who need to get their feet wet.

“The Self-Destructing Message app gives students a chance to build a fun, professional-grade app that connects to a back-end system over the web,” said Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson in a statement on the news.

From VentureBeat
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“The internals of the app touch on useful real-world components like tab and navigation controllers, alerts for error handling, and asynchronous processing of tasks to make the app really responsive.”

Here’s a quick trailer showing what the course entails:

Recently, Treehouse also announced learn-to-code tools for iPad. It’s also been expanding its coursework far beyond coding and into tech-sector career development and business foundations for startup employees and founders. The site also has a job board for job-hunting students.

Snapchat cloning seems like a natural point of entry for younger students in particular. With even Facebook getting in on the action, the self-desctructing trend seems to be in full effect.