GamesBeat's closet-cleaning giveaway: Win some free games

Pokémon Rumble U
Image Credit: Polygon
Gaming is in its golden age, and big and small players alike are maneuvering like kings and queens in A Game of Thrones. Register now for our GamesBeat 2015 event, Oct. 12-Oct.13, where we'll explore strategies in the new world of gaming.

We’ve amassed a bit of a stockpile of game codes here at GamesBeat, and we’d like to unload some of them on you! And we’re not talking about complete garbage! Among our digital collection includes:

Sanctum (Xbox Live Arcade)

Pokémon Rumble U (Wii U)

Reus (Steam)

Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches (Steam)

Plus plenty others. And don’t worry, we’ll talk to you to make sure you get a new game for a platform that you own. Here’s how you win one of our codes:

  • Follow us on Twitter (@GamesBeat). It’s not only the best way to get instant updates on all of our game coverage but also important for when we need to direct message you if you win.
  • Tweet the below message:

Check out @GamesBeat’s digital game giveaway: #gamesbeatgiveaway

  • We will contact the winners on Twitter after the contest ends on Sunday (Sep. 8).
  • Entering more than once a day will disqualify you.

Good luck!