VentureBeat’s new RSS feed — please update your newsreaders

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If you’re a regular VentureBeat reader, you’re probably reading this in an RSS feed.

We’ve done a little technical housecleaning, so we wanted to make sure you have the most recent RSS address for us. This should work in any RSS newsreader:

Be sure to capitalize the V and B. It shouldn’t matter (we have redirects in place to account for uncapitalized URLs) but you never know.

If you’re using one of our old Feedburner URLs ( or, we urge you to switch to the new URL as soon as possible.

The old Feedburner URLs should continue to carry our latest stories, but eventually that may go away, and we want you to be prepared in case it does stop.

Why we’re doing this

When Google shut down its popular RSS reader Google Reader, many of us in the RSS-loving community were caught by surprise. We’ve since gone on to find alternative readers — but there was a lingering uncertainty about Google’s ultimate commitment to RSS.

That’s a problem, because Google owns Feedburner, one of the most popular aggregators of RSS feeds — including our own. While Google has not announced intentions to shut down Feedburner, the end of Google Reader made us leery of relying on a single company for such a vital conduit to our readers.

We now use to serve all of our feeds. Currently a company called Mediafed is delivering those RSS feeds, but if we need to switch providers in the future, you’ll still be able to find all our feeds at the same URL.

Just the news you want

We publish 45-50 stories on a typical day, and we know that’s a lot. So in addition to our main stories feed, we’ve created a bunch of other, lower-volume feeds to help you zero in on what matters to you.

Top stories (15-20 of the top stories each day — everything featured in the top section of our homepage):

Editor’s picks (1-3 of our very best stories each day):

Features (long-form features, interviews, and other stories with extensive reportage):

Subject-specific feeds

Our video game site, GamesBeat, has its own feed, of course. You can find it here:

Other specific channel feeds:

Big data:










New York:



Small Biz:


Business (general, uncategorized business news):