Grand Theft Auto V's in-game commercials prey on your fears of the apocalypse and middle age

One of the in-game ads from Grand Theft Auto V.

Above: One of the in-game ads from Grand Theft Auto V.

Image Credit: Rockstar
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Rockstar has always used its Grand Theft Auto games to satirize America, and Grand Theft Auto V is no different. One way that GTA V will lampoon the U.S. is through the use of in-game television ads that players will see if they decide to watch the tube in-game.

GTA V will include commercials for products like the EgoChaser Energy Bar for desperate middle-age men that haven’t played sports in years, the Ammu-Nation Apocalypse Kit for doomsday preppers, and the LifeInvader tablet that docks with the users’ genitals. I feel like these products are probably already in development somewhere.

Check out the ads in the video below:

Grand Theft Auto V is an open-world crime game that has players controlling three bank robbers as they try to survive in the underworld of a fictionalized version of California. It’s is due out Sept. 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.