PlayStation Vita TV is Sony's new $100 microconsole

PlayStation Vita TV brings Sony handheld gaming to the television.

Above: PlayStation Vita TV brings Sony handheld gaming to the television.

Image Credit: Sony
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Japanese gamers will soon be able to buy the PlayStation Vita TV, a microconsole that plays Vita and PSP games on televisions.

Sony introduced the Vita TV early this morning during its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference. The device is a tiny, Apple TV-like box that enables gamers to play Vita titles with a DualShock 3 controller. A future update to the console will enable the Vita TV to stream games from a PlayStation 4 console.

While Vita TV will work with over 1,300 games at launch, according to Sony, many Vita titles are incompatible. Any Vita game that requires touch, motion, or camera controls won’t work with the system.

Vita TV will launch in Japan Nov. 14 for around $100. That is a cheap way to start playing Vita games, but that version does not include the required controller. Sony is also selling a bundle that includes a controller and an 8GB Vita memory card for around $150.

We’ve reached out to Sony to determine if it plans to release Vita TV in any other regions, including the U.S., and we’ll update this post when the company responds.

In addition to gaming, Vita TV is also capable of streaming media from web services like Hulu and Sony’s PlayStation Store.