Xbox One infographic simplifies Microsoft's next-gen messaging

Microsoft wants to help gamers understand how its Xbox One works.

Above: Microsoft wants to help gamers understand how its Xbox One works.

Image Credit: Microsoft
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Microsoft got off to a rocky start with the messaging for its Xbox One, but it’s working to make the next-gen console easy to understand for gamers in the run up to its Nov. 22 launch.

When Microsoft introduced the Xbox One in May, a handful of vague policies regarding online and game licensing made gamers scratch their heads. The company eventually backed off of its plans to require an Internet connection and to restrict used games, but it’s likely that some consumers are still confused about how the Xbox One works.

Today, as part of an effort to inform gamers, Microsoft released an infographic that explains that the Xbox One works pretty much like an Xbox 360 with a few bonus features. Check it out below:

Xbox infographic

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