Moshi Monsters developer wants to increase subscription sales; reveals affiliate program

Moshi Monsters affiliate ad on

Above: Moshi Monsters affiliate ad on

Image Credit: Kizi
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Developer Mind Candy already has one of the most popular games for children in Moshi Monsters, but the company is looking to expand its player base through a new affiliate program.

Mind Candy is teaming with Flash-gaming portals, “mommy bloggers,” and others through e-marketing firm Linkshare to bring in more players. The studio will pay a 15 percent starting commission for each player that converts to a subscribing member.

Moshi Monsters is a children’s game that has 85 million registered users around the world. Players select a pet, customize it, and then raise it. Each day, players can guide their monsters through the game’s Monstro City to solve puzzles and earn digital currency.

Mind Candy previously started an exclusive Linkshare campaign with Funtomic’s online gaming portal Kizi in August. That marketing effort pushed 1.5 million players to Moshi Monsters.

“The campaign with Funtomic’s Kizi was a huge success, and we’re looking to continue to expand the program with more affiliates,” said Andrew Frederick, the head of Mind Candy’s affiliate network. “Affiliate partners can feel confident that they are promoting a safe, educational, family-friendly virtual world to their community, and they will be rewarded with one of the highest payout rates in the industry.”

A Moshi Monsters subscription costs $6 for one month, $40 for six months, or $50 for a year. Members get access to new exclusive locations, items, and monster colors. The subscription also enables players to expand their in-game home or to go on special missions.