Did you see that? Kamcord brings in-app recording to Android

Kamcord in-app video recording

Above: A Kamcord sharing screen from the Stickman Base Jumper game.

Image Credit: Jeff Grubb/VentureBeat
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Android developers looking to bring in-app gameplay recording to their works now have a solution.

Kamcord, which has long had a video-recording tool for developers on iOS, is now on Android. Studios can sign up for the beta test now on Kamcord’s website.

“Building out this solution for Android was significantly harder to do than on iOS,” Kamcord founder Aditya Rathnam told GamesBeat. “We’re really proud that we were the first to release a solution on iOS, and now — almost a year later — we’re the first to do it on Android.”

Rathnam says that Kamcord struggled to overcome the device fragmentation in the Android market, but they have it working and want to invite Android developers to hop on board and begin testing it.

“In a couple of weeks, we hope that the first round of games will start using Kamcord on Android,” said Rathnam. “Android has been the No. 1 request from developers for the last year. Some games have 50 to 60 percent of their users on Android right now.”

Kamcord has already helped mobile gamers record over 1 billion videos. The company also revealed that it just crossed the 1 million-videos-shared mark.

“Our users love recording and sharing their most spectacular stunts and crashes with Kamcord on iOS,” developer Djinnworks chief executive Robert Szeleney said. Djinnworks’ games like Stickman Basejump and Stickman Downhill use Kamcord to enable users to record their runs.

“We’re thrilled that now our Android users can do the same,” said Szeleney. “Having this ability across platforms will be greatly beneficial for us and we plan to use Kamcord in all our future releases.”

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