SteamBox? Xi3 teases a new Piston PC game ‘console’ coming Monday

Xi3 Piston logo

Above: Xi3 Piston logo

Image Credit: Xi3
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Xi3 plans to announce a new version of its Piston PC “console” on Monday.

The company’s web site shows a black-and-white image with an outline of the Piston Console, with a headline that reads, “The wait is over.” The date says “09.30.13.”

The company makes modular computers that have tiny dimensions for a PC. They also feature fast components that appeal to gamers. Past versions of the Piston were rumored to be Valve’s so-called Steam Box earlier this year, and Xi3 acknowledged that Valve had invested in the company.

Valve has now revealed its plan to create Linux-based PCs that can display Steam digital distribution games on living room TVs. So you can bet that Xi3 plans to make one of these Steam Machines, as Valve now calls them, based on Valve’s SteamOS software.

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