Stardock’s first iOS game, Dead Man’s Draw, is out now

Dead Man's Draw

Above: Getting high scores will unlock special rewards.

Image Credit: Stardock Mobile
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What do tactical, giant spaceships and pirate-themed card games have in common. Absolutely nothing! Well, except for developer Stardock.

Gamers best know the Michigan-based company for games like Sins of a Solar Empire, a real-time strategy title with a science-fiction setting, but its newest release has a much more humble scope. Dead Man’s Draw is an iOS card game filled with pirates, booty, and … you know, other piratey things. It’s out now for iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. The game currently isn’t set for Android.

This marks Stardock’s first mobile release. The company is working on two other iOS titles: Hero Busters, a side-scroller with knights and ninjas; and Star Trails, a sci-fi strategy game. Stardock plans to release both in early 2014.