Survey shows why most play browser games instead of consoles

Mobile Gaming Trends

Above: This is how most people are playing games.

Image Credit: Shutterstock
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Everyone’s busy freaking out over Grand Theft Auto V, but most people are still getting their gaming fix from more modest sources.

A new Harris survey by Goo Technologies shows that a small majority of Americans, 52 percent, are playing browser-based games.

Goo surveyed 2,046 adults aged 18 and older. It was conducted online. When asked, these were the top reasons for why those polled prefer playing the simpler, console-less games:

  • They aren’t as expensive as buying a game console: 49 percent
  • I don’t have to download and install game software: 43 percent
  • I don’t need to be tied to one console: 31 percent
  • It allows me to interact with my friends online: 26 percent
  • I can start a game on one device and continue on another: 25 percent
  • It makes me more mobile: 25 percent
  • I can play at work: 19 percent
  • I can hide the fact that I’m gaming more easily: 10 percent

Goo also asked where people preferred to play:

  • On the couch: 60 percent
  • On a plane: 50 percent
  • In bed: 45 percent
  • While on the toilet: 34 percent
  • On a train: 34 percent
  • At work: 25 percent

A whopping 2 percent of those polled also said they’d like to play during sex, which sounds exhausting.

Goo Technologies is a web technology company based in Stockholm.