Flickr’s iOS app can finally auto-upload your photos directly to the photo-sharing service, Yahoo announced in a Tumblr post Wednesday.

With today’s update installed, you can go ahead and turn on the auto-upload feature (iOS 7 required). This sends your entire camera roll to Flickr’s handy cloud storage locker, where the photos are marked private until you’re ready to edit and share.

Even though the photos upload in full resolution, it’ll take a seriously long time to fill that sucker up: Flickr offers 1TB of free storage per account.

Previously, you had to upload photos from your iPhone or iPod Touch devices manually, which even Yahoo admits could be pretty irritating. This new update brings the Flickr app in line with offerings from Facebook, Dropbox, and Google+ Photos, all of which offer auto-upload functionality on iOS.

The updated Flickr app also features an auto-straightening tool, which will tilt and crop askew photos with a single button press. Auto-straightening “works like magic when your photo is just a little bit off,” said Markus Spiering, head of product at Flickr.

Flickr’s iOS app isn’t perfect — it still lacks native iPad support — but it’s come a long way in the last year. Between the new filters and editing tools this August and today’s additions, Flickr for iOS is an increasingly attractive option for mobile photographers.

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