PlayStation 4’s so-called ‘Red Line of Death’ is ‘not true,’ says Sony boss

The PS4 was placed in this case overnight. The next morning, it had a red LED.

Above: The PS4 was placed in this case overnight. The next morning, it had a red LED.

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That PlayStation 4 “Red Line of Death” rumor that’s scaring gamers across the Internet is just that — a rumor, says Sony Computer Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshida via Twitter.

Originally discovered on, a posted image shows the PS4 in an unventilated plastic case and displaying a red LED light. The light prompted an alert message onscreen, said one forum user, warning that the system had a high temperature. Once the console received some air ventilation and cooled, the error message disappeared, and the LED returned to its normal blue display color.

This picture elicited fearful cries from gamers, who dubbed it the “Red Line of Death.” The name, of course, comes from the monikers for current-gen console failures: the “Red Ring of Death” for faulty Xbox 360s and “Yellow Light of Death” for PS3s.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment and will update should it respond.

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