The outer ring of Lumiose City in Pokémon X and Y is a danger zone when it comes to saving your game.

Nintendo confirmed that its popular handheld titles are suffering from a glitch that causes Pokémon X and Y to freeze up when players save in certain parts of the world. Today, the company released a map that shows exactly where not to save in order to avoid corrupting the game data.

Here’s the map from Nintendo Japan. The save bug affects the highlighted blue area:

Nintendo's map of Lumiose city shows where players should avoid saving.

Above: Nintendo’s map of Lumiose city shows where players should avoid saving.

Image Credit: Nintendo

It’s in Japanese, but this should still give you a good idea of what to avoid. The bug mostly impacts the outer ring of Lumiose City. This chart also confirms that the two roads leading off the outer ring to Vert Plaza and Bleu Plaza are also part of the glitch.

Nintendo also mentioned that it is OK to save when your Pokémon trainer is inside of any building, like a Pokémon Center.

The company also revealed that it is working on a patch to fix this bug. It will arrive through the Nintendo eShop in the next few days.

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