The Internet’s computational search engine just added a whole bunch of information about Pokémon.

Siri will lay out the info for you as if it were a real Pokédex you got from Professor Oak.

Above: Siri will lay out the info for you as if it were a real Pokédex you got from Professor Oak.

Image Credit: Ispazio

Wolfram Alpha, the search engine capable of understanding specific requests for information, can now tell you the Pokémon with the highest defensive stats, which one is the heaviest, and how much all Pokémon weigh together.

The website added data for all of Nintendo’s popular pocket monsters through the first five generations. It will add info about the Generation VI Pokémon from the recent X and Y games in a future update.

This also means that your iPhone can act as a real-world Pokédex, a digital encyclopedia for Pokémon, since Apple’s speech-activated assistant/search engine uses Wolfram Alpha to answer questions. If you’re ever at a bar and arguing with some friends about which Pokémon has the highest special attack, well now you can just ask your phone.

Of course, my favorite thing about this new Wolfram Alpha Pokémon data is the website’s ability to graph out plane curves of all the characters. The website knows the exact math equation to put into a graphing calculator to draw a Pikachu.

Check out some of the questions we asked Wolfram Alpha about Pokémon, and click through to the end to see the insane equation the website used to graph everyone’s favorite yellow electric rat:

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