Pokémon X and Y save bug fixed; patch available to download now

A Bug-type Pokémon, Metapod.

Above: A Bug-type Pokémon, Metapod.

Image Credit: Nintendo
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It is now no longer dangerous to save your Pokémon X and Y game in Lumiose City.

Nintendo released a patch today that fixes an issue that was causing Pokémon X and Y to freeze when players saved in certain parts of the game’s main city, as first spotted by NeoGAF user SuperSah. The update is available to download now in the Nintendo 3DS eShop now. This will bring the title to version 1.1.

“This update fixes a bug related to resuming your game after saving game data in Lumiose City,” reads the patch notes. “It also improves the filtering feature with the Global Trade Station.”

Nintendo confirmed that the patch won’t only stop the save bug from occurring, but it will also restore the games of those previously affected by the bug.

If you have Pokémon X or Y and want the patch, open the eShop. Nintendo’s digital-download store should automatically recognize that you have Pokémon X or Y, and it will tell you that it has an update ready. Follow the instructions and save away.