Learn-to-code company Treehouse has gotten a heck of a facelift today, with new organization for courses and keeping track of your progress.

First, here’s a look at the new hotness:

Starting today, all content is tagged and searchable. E.g., you can search for the term “Python” to see all Python-related content.

The company has also rolled out Tracks, a new way to organize all coursework for a specific path, such as becoming an iOS developer or learning how to build a startup.

Finally, Treehouse now has new progress-monitoring tools for each student to let them know what the next steps are and what rewards they’ve earned as part of their training.

“We are always killing ourselves to better serve our students,” writes Treehouse co-founder Ryan Carson in an email to VentureBeat.

“We’ve improved the user experience by making it easier to track your progress as you learn. We’re also focusing the user experience on choosing a ‘track’ and helping the student advance down that track.”

While none of this update includes brand-new features or courses, Carson continued, “The redesign also included a complete re-write of the underlying code. This will allow us to launch new features even faster because we have less technical debt to deal with. We’re super excited to start releasing new big features!”

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