Today, Yahoo is announcing a big ol’ facelift for one of its most interesting and popular products: Yahoo Finance.

The stock-tracking, news-gathering service has been entirely redesigned. Its iPhone and iPad versions are now in keeping with Weather, Mail, Flickr, and Yahoo’s other modern mobile apps.

Here’s a sneak peek at the iPhone version:

And here’s the iPad version:

We expect an Android version to hit shelves within the next few weeks.

From the company blog post:

The Yahoo Finance app for iPhone and iPad was reimagined to deliver a beautiful personalized experience with a stream of top news and data based on your favorite stocks and interests. We’ve added Push Notifications to keep you in the know as important stories break — so you can make quick and informed decisions on the stocks and companies you follow.

Yahoo Finance includes completely redesigned interactive stock charts to track historical changes, and easily compare performance to identify trends.

Yahoo’s new focus on creating functional, beautiful, modern mobile apps is part of the promise CEO Marissa Mayer made when she took over the faltering oldster. More than a few aging apps had to get the axe first, then the redesigns started rolling out.

It hasn’t taken too long for that investment in mobile to start paying off in terms of mobile users and pageviews, and we’re excited to see what the company rolls out next.

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