I’m no marketing expert, but if I was releasing a niche, Android-based gaming microconsole, I probably wouldn’t want it to come out on the same day as Sony’s behemoth of a next-gen system, the PlayStation 4. Still, after missing its Nov. 8 release date, that’s exactly when GameStick’s now scheduled to come out.

Of course, the GameStick couldn’t be more different from the PS4. While Sony’s machine runs gamers a hefty $400, the GameStick costs a mere $80. It’s designed as a cheap alternative to console gaming, one that we found as a great way to play Android titles without having to buy a smartphone or tablet — and one especially geared to children.

GameStick told Engadget that while it didn’t want to compete with Sony, it also didn’t want to delay the launch of its system any longer. GameStick was originally supposed to come out in October before delaying its launch to Nov. 8.

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