GamesBeat Community: What do you think of your PlayStation 4?

Sony released the PS4 in North America on Friday

Above: Sony released the PS4 in North America on Friday.

Image Credit: Sony
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We’re now a few days removed from the Nov. 15 launch of Sony’s newest console, the PlayStation 4. Are you an early adopter? Then we want to know what you think of your new system!

Maybe you want to talk about a specific launch game. Maybe you want to write about one of the PlayStation 4’s new features. Perhaps you’d like to compare the new DualShock 4 with Sony’s previous controllers.

Whatever you want to say, we want to read it! And if you don’t know how to write for us yet, then head over to our “about“ page to find out how to start submitting stories for GamesBeat Unfiltered. Our editors will select your best stories, professionally edit them, and promote them to GamesBeat’s front page.

We also collect articles in spotlights and other community collections. If we get enough submissions, we’ll be sure to make a collection of all your PS4 articles!

Get writing, everyone!

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