Desti, a travel app born out of the same research institute that gave birth to Siri, is bringing its search smarts to your next roadtrip.

With the latest update to its iPad app, Desti is letting users not only plot the paths of their trips, but also find notable pitstops along the way. More, the expanded planning features plug into Desti’s natural language search, so users can find locations with terms that are as straightforward as “family friendly” and ““great for kids.”

All of that location info comes from Desti’s integration with data from sites VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) and Home Away, as well as millions of others. By putting all this data in one place, Desti argues that it can cut in half the time it takes to organize a trip.

Another big addition with the latest release is “Plan Together,” a new feature that lets Desti users plan trips with their friends. Desti calls the feature “Google Docs for Travel,” which is a pretty good way to think about it. Another feature, “Been There,” taps into the social layer, telling users which places their friends have been to.

“Any GPS can get you from point A to point B but only Desti can show travelers what they can discover when they get there,” the company says, summing up its mission well.

Here’s a video of the new features in action.

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