1 in 5 Nintendo 3DS gamers own Pokémon X or Y (infographic)

Pokémon X and Y

Above: Xerneas and Yveltal, the new legendary Pokémon in X and Y.

Image Credit: Nintendo
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Nintendo is trumpeting the success of its Pokémon X and Y games for the 3DS.

The publisher revealed that the new Pokémon is the fastest-selling 3DS game ever. It only took the monster-collecting role-playing title one day to reach 1 million in sales. Mario Kart 7 — the next fastest-selling 3DS game — needed four weeks to reach 1 million in sales. Pokémon X and Y are the ninth titles in the franchise to reach 1 million units its first month.

Nintendo also revealed that Pokémon X and Y have an extraordinary attach rate to the 3DS system. The company sold Pokémon X or Y to one in every five 3DS owners. That means 20 percent of 3DS gamers are potential Pokémon masters, and that’s before the gift-giving holiday season.

Pokémon didn’t just sell to people who already owned a 3DS. The new pocket monster titles led to a 135 percent increase in sales of the portable device, although that is partly due to the introduction of the 2DS. Nintendo debuted the 2DS hardware alongside Pokémon X and Y on Oct. 12.

Nintendo released the following infographic that illustrates these and few more facts. Check it out:

Nintendo Pokémon infographic

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