The holodeck is here … at least in a crude, prototype form.

Several companies are working to make virtual reality operate as we always imagined it would, and one of those developers just posted a demonstration of their technology bringing developer Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto IV to live.

That company is Cyberith, which is a technology startup based in Vienna, Austria. Cyberith makes the Virtualizer walking controller device. This hardware reads foot motion and can translate that into movement in games.

Virtualizer creator┬áTuncay Cakmak posted a video to demonstrate how that works. In the video, he combines the Virtualizer with an Oculus Rift VR headset and a Wii Motion Plus controller. He uses those devices to interface with a heavily modded version of GTA IV for PC. It’s pretty amazing how well it all seems to work.

Check it out below:

The problem with a game like GTA IV is that the character goes from standing to sitting on the fly. That isn’t an issue for the Virtualizer because it has a seat built-in that enables players to sit down whenever they need to. Gamers can start punching people, try to run from the police, jack a car, and start driving it without having to break immersion.

The Virtualizer is still in development, but Cakmak promises that it will go on sale soon.

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