Community reviews spotlight: XCOM: Enemy Within, Contrast, Gravity Rush, and more

Above: A screenshot from XCOM: Enemy Within.

Image Credit: 2K Games

Still feeling the effects of a full belly? Or maybe you’re stressed after a hazardous day of shopping? Then relax with some great reviews from our community!

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Now, on to the reviews!

XCOM: Enemy Within – A welcome expansion to an already fantastic game
By Christian Moreira

“Firaxis has definitely done a phenomenal job with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Enemy Within just made the original game so much better with added content. However, I wish they could have done more to integrate Enemy Unknown’s story with Within’s. But they failed to do so, leaving all of Enemy Unknown’s original story completely unchanged.”

Contrast review – A flawed, yet memorable experience
By Cassie Gotto

“Contrast is a game that has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the finished product just isn’t something I could justify spending money on. If I wasn’t a PlayStation Plus member, I would never have played it, and that’s a shame.”


Above: Contrast oozes atmosphere in some key scenes, but the settings fall flat nearly everywhere else.

Image Credit: Compulsion Games

Rock Band 3: Xbox 360 — A Music Magazine style review
By Matt Clarke

“It’s a hot sticky night in Leeds and I’m backstage at the sizzling Sirloin Saturday’s last night of their sold out ‘Medium Rare’ 2013 UK tour. The Pop Rock 80’s loving sensation have clocked up many a month on the road and are now set to ‘Steak’ their claim for the crown at the latest worldwide ‘Battle of the Rock band’ competition.”

Gravity Rush: Make gravity your plaything in this enthralling third person beat-em up
By Zachary Mathiot

“Gravity Rush is easily one of the best, if not the best game available for the Playstation Vita so far. It’s highly innovative gameplay, storyline, and beautiful presentation make for a visually impressive and in-depth action title for the handheld.”

Gravity Rush

Above: Gravity Rush uses some dazzling colors.

Image Credit: Sony

World Basketball Manager Tycoon offers some intriguing possibilities (review)
By Rory Appleton

“Have you ever wanted to rule a basketball franchise with an iron first? Perhaps you want to buy and sell players at auction as if they were cattle? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are in the right place.”

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