HP’s ProOe 600 G1 business all-in-one saves on a lot of desktop space

Above: HP ProOne 600 G1 all-in-one

Image Credit: HP

All-in-one PCs are the only desktops selling these days. So it makes sense that Hewlett-Packard is taking the machines into enterprises, as companies need to save space and gain the efficiencies of these machines — which combine a monitor and a desktop computer into one panel-like chassis — as much as consumers do.

HP’s newest all-in-one has the looks and compactness of a consumer machine with the security and productivity software of business PC. So you can tackle your to-do list with more efficiency and less clutter. The built-in security and manageability will free up the time your information technology team normally sets aside for maintenance. The machine takes up a fraction of the space of enterprise desktops from years past.

The computer has a 21.5-inch IPS widescreen WLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It packs Intel fourth-generation i5 or i7 Core processors and supports the Intel Stable Image Platform program, which means it’s easy to roll out software on it remotely. It has an Intel 8 series chip set, a webcam and microphone, and main memory that is expandable up to 16 gigabytes. It has a 1 terabyte hybrid flash and hard disk drive, or you can add a 2 terabyte SATA hard drive, a 500 gigabyte SATA self-encrypting drive, or a 256 gigabyte self-encrypting drive.

It has an HP SD media card reader, a side-loading DVD-ROM drive or Blu-ray writer drive. It has Intel HD integrated graphics with the option to add discrete AMD Radeon HD graphics. It has DTS Sound and options for better audio. You can connect via a gigabit network connection, or via WiFi wireless networking or NFC. It has a bunch of ports, including 2 USB 3.0 ports on the side and 2 in the rear. Those ports let you charge a USB device 2.8 times faster than older ports. It has two USB 2.0 ports in the rear, as well as ports for microphones, headphones, Ethernet, a mouse and keyboard, and DisplayPort.

It has HP Client Security, CyberLink Media Suite, HP ePrint Drive, Skype, PDF Complete and other productivity software. The stand can recline and it is height adjustable. You can also mount it on a wall. With the ePrint software, you can print wirelessly to HP printers without the hassle of installing drivers.

The machine did do something odd while I was using it. I connected it to an unprotected WiFi signal in my house. It detected that the WiFi was unsecure and then automatically assigned a password to it. I clicked OK. It negotiated with the WiFi router and did the work for me. Then I tried to get onto the WiFi network with another device, and the password didn’t work. While I appreciated how secure the HP machine was, I didn’t know how to fix this problem.

I did appreciate how thin the machine was and how much technology HP was able to pack together in a single box. It is 2.56 inches thick. I can see the day when a desktop is really just going to be a slate on your desk or the wall.

HP ProOne G1 all-in-one side view.

Above: HP ProOne G1 all-in-one side view.

Image Credit: HP

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