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How Stylitics lets consumers track and share their outfits — and gathers a treasure of data at the same time

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At our DataBeat event this week, we’ll be featuring the most interesting companies we can find that leverage data science in fresh ways.

One of those companies is Stylitics, which lets consumers track and share their outfits. People can use the Stylitics mobile app, released two months ago, to do things things like share their outfits with friends, chat with their friends about clothes and places to shop, and plan outfits based on the weather at the moment. The company says it wants to help people be smarter about their style.

Rohan Deuskar, co-founder and chief executive of the New York-based Stylitics, will be speaking at DataBeat on Wednesday morning about his plan to make the company the Nielsen for clothing. Deuskar founded the company in 2010, and plans to sell the data he gets from consumers to the fashion industry. For clothing brands, retailers and agencies looking for behavioral data for sales and marketing purposes, Stylitics is like having a real-time focus group at their fingertips, the company says. The company estimates that about 7,000 companies are a good match for its offerings.

The company has raised $2.8 million across two rounds since 2011, including from investor Forerunner Ventures.

Stylitics is using a college ambassador program to spread the word about its offerings. It has representatives at more than 50 schools, who contribute weekly to the website’s fashion blog and work together on things like clothing drives, the company says.

Competitors include retail market and fashion trend research companies like NPD and WGSN, as well as fashion sites like Polyvore, Pose, and Snapette.

Also at DataBeat, we’ll be featuring a number of other companies that are similarly using data to disrupt their respective industries in remarkable ways. These “Data Science in Action” speakers include the following:

  • Pek Lum, Chief Data Scientist and VP of Solutions, Ayasdi
  • Joel Dudley, Director of Biomedical Informatics, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai
  • Rob Wrubel, Chief Innovation Officer, Apollo Lightspeed, Apollo Group
  • Sean Knapp, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Ooyala
  • Stephen Sorkin, CSO, Splunk
  • Ashok Srivastava, Chief Data Scientist, Verizon

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