Electronic Arts: No more Battlefield 4 expansions until 'we sort out all' of the game's problems

Battlefield 4

Above: Battlefield 4 in action for next-gen consoles.

Image Credit: Electronic Arts
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Publisher Electronic Arts and developer DICE released the first expansion for Battlefield 4 yesterday. This is despite continuing connection and crashing issues the modern-military shooter is experiencing across all platforms.

Some fans found it curious that EA would release more content before getting Battlefield 4 running in an acceptable state. We reached out to EA to ask it about that, and a spokesperson for the company provided the following comment:

“First, we want to thank the fans out there that are playing and supporting us with Battlefield 4. We know we still have a ways to go with fixing the game – it is absolutely our No. 1 priority. The team at DICE is working nonstop to update the game. Since the Battlefield 4: China Rising expansion pack was already in the final stages of development by the time issues began with Battlefield 4, we decided to fulfill our promise to deliver it this week, but we’re not moving on to future projects or expansions until we sort out all the issues with Battlefield 4. We know many of our players are frustrated, and we feel their pain. We will not stop until this is right.”

That’s likely what a lot of Battlefield 4 fans were hoping to hear. Currently, the shooter is crashing on PC and consoles, and one of the match types (Conquest) is often unavailable due to matchmaking and connection errors.

DICE plans to keep players informed by updating the Battlefield “Control Room” thread on its forums. The studio will post updates about upcoming fixes and patches for PC, current gen, and next gen in that thread.

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