Say what you will about Snapchat’s usefulness — you can’t deny the company excels at attracting money.

Just six months after its $60 million Series B round, the chat app is at it again. This time it’s raising another $55 million, according to a recent filling pulled up by VCExperts (see below). The funding pushes Snapchat’s valuation up to roughly $2 billion, more than double the company’s worth at the time of its last round.

That’s a lot of money for a company that’s keeping its most important numbers close to its chest (and has just about no revenue).

From VentureBeat
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Snapchat did not immediately respond to our request for comment on the round.

Snapchat’s latest raise comes just a few weeks after the Wall Street Journal reported the company was looking to raise $200 million, with a valuation of up to $4 billion. One company named in the rumors was China’s Tencent Holdings, which would love to be a part of a growing American tech company like Snapchat.

Snapchat’s  funding also comes a few weeks after the company reportedly turned down a $3 billion dollar offer from Facebook, taking the company’s meteoric rise to bizarre new heights.

While it’s not clear what became of that rumored $200 million round (and that $3.6 billion valuation), VC Experts director Justin Byers told VentureBeat that the latest round proves one thing: Considering that the company has raised $127 million in three rounds this year alone, it’s clearly moving very quickly.

Byers also speculates that the round could be a part of a liquidity event for Snapchat’s founders, which means that if CEO Even Spiegel sells the company, it won’t be because he needs the money. (Not that he did before, anyway.)

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