Check out the amazing, prodecurally generated space-exploration game No Man's Sky (video)

No Man's Sky from Hello Games.

Above: No Man's Sky from Hello Games.

Image Credit: Hello Games/VGX
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Hello Games is working on a new space-exploration game called No Man’s Sky for next-gen consoles.

No Man’s Sky will have players exploring planets and space throughout a galaxy. If you look at a planet on the horizon, you can go to it. Every star in the sky is a sun with its own planets that players can explore.

Check out the debut trailer below:

No Man’s Sky is a persistent, massively multiplayer world. Players can go diving in the ocean, traipsing through an alien jungle, or flying in an interstellar spacecraft.

Developer Hello Games previously produced the motorcycle platformer Joe Danger for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The studio still only consists of four people, despite the proposed scope for No Man’s Sky.