ObserveIT lets you know who did what, when. The startup compares its software to security cameras, watching everyone who accesses your servers. For enterprises like Samsung, Xerox, and T-Mobile, which place a high priority on security and compliance, that’s a valuable proposition.

Those three companies are all customers of ObserveIT, which today announced a $20 million investment from Bain Capital Ventures. The Tel Aviv-based firm will use the funds to establish a U.S. headquarters and expand its sales and marketing efforts.

ObserveIT takes video recordings of users’ sessions any time they access your servers. But because no one has time to watch all that footage, ObserveIT analyzes those videos and generates a summary in plain English — although the videos are still there if auditors come knocking.

“Video recording can and should be used to augment security solutions already in place,” ObserveIT’s chief technology officer Gaby Friedlander told VentureBeat.

ObserveIT has more than 800 customers across industries like financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, and gaming. It competes with services like CyberArk and HP TransactionVision, but the company says those other solutions are insufficient.

“The biggest competition are people who feel that logging systems are enough, but those systems are typically very difficult to interpret in terms of who did what,” said Friedlander. “The visual component helps tremendously in the ability to augment the activity monitoring.”

ObserveIT’s biggest challenge, said Friedlander, is getting the solution in front of more enterprises who need it. And, unsurprisingly, the $20 million from Bain Capital should help with that.

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