Whoa! Infinity Blade III developer promotes new Keanu Reeves film with in-game challenge

Players will get to face off against the Samurai Brute from the film.

Above: Players will get to face off against the Samurai Brute from the film.

Image Credit: Chair
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Infinity Blade III developer Chair is planning to hold a community challenge in the mobile game as part of a promotion for Keanu Reeves’ new film 47 Ronin.

Developer Chair and Universal Pictures revealed the special event where Infinity Blade III players will have to work together to complete a collective goal to unlock a new weapon. It’s called the 47 Ronin Challenge, and gamers will have to face off against the massive Samurai Brute character from the film. If they complete the challenge (Chair hasn’t revealed the details on what that entails), every gamer who took part in the event will get the Samurai Brute’s sword to use as their own.

Infinity Blade 3 is available now on the iOS app store for $7. 47 Ronin will debut at theaters nationwide on Dec. 25.

The 47 Ronin Challenge will begin in Infinity Blade 3 this Friday and will continue through Dec. 24. This ClashMob, as Chair refers to these collective challenges, is the only way for players to earn the Samurai Brute sword.

Infinity Blade III is a popular iOS action-adventure title that has players swiping and tapping to fight through generations of sword battles. 47 Ronin is a new action film that stars Keanu Reeves as a legendary warrior who partners up with 47 samurai to fight off an army of mythical beasts and warlocks.

Movie studios are turning to mobile games more and more as a way to promote and merchandise their films. Disney has frequently combined its properties with games like Temple Run and Where’s My Water? for special movie versions of those games, like Temple Run: Brave. In fact, at this point, it is more likely that a studio will bring its movie property to mobile than to PC or the consoles.

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