Everyplay Replay game-recording service driving user acquisition on mobile

Above: Everyplay Replay's homepage features some of the best recordings from its game.

Image Credit: Everyplay

Mobile gamers love sharing gameplay videos, and one of the leaders in enabling in-game recording on mobile revealed that its service is driving growth for games that use its service.

Applifier, a firm that helps game studios acquire users and generate revenue, revealed that its Everyplay Replay service is driving 7.5 percent of the new installations in mobile indie games that use it. Everyplay Replay enables gamers to record play sessions and share the replays with friends on social networks and video sites.

“Players are really into sharing game replays, and everyone loves discovering new games their friends are playing,” Applifier chief executive Jussi Laakkonen said in a statement. “We’ve now proven our Everyplay model with concrete results that replay sharing drives mobile game installs at scale.”

To date, gamers have shared 1.5 million replays from over 230 games that use Everyplay Replay. Those titles include Rovio’s Bad Piggies and developer Secret Exit’s Stair Dismount.

Here’s a replay a player shared from Sair Dismount:

“Replay sharing is a perfect fit for Stair Dismount, and it has driven 7.5% of all daily installs for Stair Dismount in the last five months,” Secret Exit chief executive Jani Kahrama said in a statement.

In addition to Secret Exit and Rovio, Applifier is also working with mobile publishers Disney, Dreamworks, and Ubisoft.

Applifier’s Everyplay Replay service competes directly with mobile gameplay-recording company Kamcord. In September, Kamcord revealed it will soon work on Android. Everyplay Replay currently does not support Android.

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