Publisher Square Enix previously revealed that it was planning to release the remastered Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD for PlayStation 3 on March 18, but it never confirmed when people could get their hands on the portable version for PlayStation Vita. Today, Square Enix revealed that the updated PlayStation 2 games will hit the Sony handheld on the same day as its PS3 counterpart.

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD also hits Vita on March 18 for $40. This means players can summon Ifrit and play dress up while on the go. The Vita release also supports cross-save functionality, which means that fans that have Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD on PS3 and Vita can move their saves back and forth.

In addition to the Vita details, Square Enix also revealed that it is planning a special edition version of the latest Final Fantasy rerelease for PlayStation 3. Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Collector’s Edition features the game disc, an artbook, a “visual soundtrack,” and special lithographic prints of the game characters.

“Our goal with this Collector’s Edition was to give this game’s biggest fans something they could really cherish,” Square Enix senior product manager Sakura Minamida wrote on the PlayStation blog.

The Collector’s Edition also hits March 18, but it is only available for PlayStation 3. It retails for $80.

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